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Here at Product Photography Brisbane we understand that great photography helps your business to stand out in crowded marketplaces. Customers these days use the internet to check out potential purchaces well before they ever see a product in store. We make sure that your product is seen in it's best light.

flat lay

Flat lay photography is suitable for websites selling clothes and other flat items. Flat lay is better for small items or items which are folded. Product Photography Brisbane can photograph all your items for your website. This type of photography is very affordable and gives good value for money. Very fast turnaround.

Deep Etching
project 1

Deep etching is a process where the products are cut out from the backgrounds. This is very suitable for some websites where you want the item to float over a background like in sliders.Product Photography Brisbane can provide deep etching at a very affordable price. Moderate turnaround times.

Ghost Mannequin
project 1

We can do ghost mannequin photography as well. A great look that shows the volume of the clothing without the distractions of the mannequin in the photograph. This is fantastic for websites and e-commerce sites. It makes the clothes look great and stand out from the oppositions websites.