Cosmetics Photography

To photograph cosmetics is an art form.

Here at Product Photographer Brisbane we understand how to photograph all types of cosmetics and make up so that they look both expensive and classy. Cosmetics are a luxury item and when photographing luxury items extra care has to be taken to ensure that the righ angles and looks are achieved. Our Cosmetics Photographer knows exactly what angles to shoot your cosmetics at to achieve an image that is going to connect with you customers on an emotional level.

Careful lighting is one of the key elements to shooting make up and cosmetics photography. The lighting has to be done so that the packaging is clear and readable while at the same time bringing out the shape of the packs themselves. Often there are aditional difficulties in creating great cosmetic photos. The packaging is often white in colour. This makes it especially difficult to get a clean resulting image, white on white is always a careful balancing act. The photos can't come out looking dirty against the pure with of a clipped background. Our expert photographer walks this fine line with ease.

In addition to the white on white difficulties there are often reflective surfaces that need to have controlled reflections in Cosmetics Photography.

When finished the Cosmetics Photography is supplied in flat JPG format as well as deep etched in PNG files with transparent backgrounds. This allows our Cosmetics Photography to be use quickly and easily by graphic designers for easy drag and drop placement in advertisments. Using a Cosmetics Photographer who is a specialist is making top end highly detailed images is makes the clients job easy. It allows our customers to design the advertising that they use to connect with their brand.

Experience Product Photographer Brisbane and get your photos done by the best.