To produce pictures and videos that suit your company's needs, we combine art and technology.


Our professional in studio environment and skilled product photographer proudly represent both large, well-known brands and smaller, individual internet-based sellers.

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Product Photography Brisbane provides the image quality you need, including expert retouching, Photoshop expertise, and high-resolution digital images.

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Photographing items, Look no further for your photography needs than Brisbane's best product photographer, who has years of experience.

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Allow us to assist you in attracting client attention and generating customer interaction for your goods. Using a professional photographer to shoot your items get results fast.

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Product Photography Brisbane

Founded in 2005, Product Photographer Brisbane has become the best Commercial Photographers in South East Queensland. A service-first photo production powerhouse, we deliver amazing photos and exceed our client's expectations on a daily basis.



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Who are we?

We are Brisbane product photographers.

We are Brisbane's premiers at coming up with product photography ideas. Our Product Photography Packages are tailor-made for all the individual needs of different clients in various business sectors. Getting quality Brisbane E-commerce photography drives sales to new levels.

Michael is a commercial advertising photographer who is an expert in the art of professional product photography. Michael can create images used in web store catalogues, advertising, marketing, and many other uses. When selling goods or services, it is vitally important to have exquisite product photography. We deliver superb high-quality, detailed images to our many happy clients. We always deliver on time and to the deadline. Michael provides his beautiful professional photography services to businesses in Brisbane and all over Australia. Why not contact us and find out how we can help your business with product photography Brisbane connects with your customers. Michael can get your products to look outstanding for whatever use you have.

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Making hundreds of Product Photography Brisbane images each year, we pour love and care into every photo we deliver to our clients.

Client focused approach

New levels of service

Flat Lay Photography

Our expert product photography and creative imaging service are second to none. We have an unwavering commitment to delivering the best quality image we can to our clients. We keep ahead of the technology and use the latest and greatest gear to so that our product photography transcends our customers' high standards.

Product Photography Packages

We work with our customers to understand what they're trying to say with their photos. We then use our experience in creative solutions to deliver stunning perfect photography. We create powerful photographs that clients find easy to use in their marketing material. The images help their marketing stand above the competition.

E-Commerce Photography

We can come to you and work on location at your place of business. Expensive jewellery or large products are no problem for us with our portable studio. Our expert photographer can make the same high-quality images on-site as we can in our studio. You can also drop your products or courier them to us for our studio product photography.

Product Photography Prices

Here at Product Photography Brisbane, we understand that great photography helps your business stand out in crowded marketplaces. These days, customers use the internet to check out potential purchases well before they ever see a product in-store. We make sure that your product gets viewed in its best light. Our Commercial Photographer is an expert in Advertising Photography.

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How is your
visual identity?

How you create an impression and shape perceptions is more critical than ever. Make sure that all the visible elements are on point. Don't forget powerful images are the best form of communication, precisely because they communicate quickly without words.


In studio or on location

Mobile Product Photography

When you have too large items to transport easily, our mobile product photographer can come to you. We photograph studio-quality images of large items like furniture, homewares and other immovable items at your place of business, so you don't have to transport them. Mobile product photography is available in Brisbane, The Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

Location Product Photography

Items like jewellery or other costly products you may not want to transport to our studio for security reasons. Our location product photography is the perfect service for you. We also provide the same excellent photography that we produce in our studio on location. We do location product photography in Brisbane, The Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

Advertising Photography

Product Photographer Brisbane is one of the city's best high-end product photography businesses. We are the most professional expert still-life photographers in Brisbane. We work with many household brands creating stunning creative advertising photos for our great customers in the studio or out on location. We are known for creating beautiful advertising photography in Queensland.

Packshot Photography

When you need professional packshot photography, our photographer in Brisbane can help. We will transform your packshot brief into a five-star reality and deliver pixel-perfect, richly detailed digital imagery. Creating packshot photography of the highest quality is what we do for customers all around Australia. Check out our Brisbane pack photography.

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Product Photography

Product photography is critical in today’s marketing space. Learn about the types of product photography and the benefits of using a professional product photographer.

Product photography is something you come across every day. It could be in magazines, billboards, brochures, or other places. Product photos show what different products look like physically. Product photography aims to present products in the best ways possible. It is worth noting that product photography's history traces back to 1890 when the first examples occurred on textiles. Since then, product photography has evolved from black and white to more advanced coloured images. Different products are unique, and they require a different showcasing approach. To get the most out of product photography, you must first identify what you plan to achieve with the product images. That way, you can choose the right photography for your products. Today, many different types of product photography are used to show consumers product specifications. The different types of product photography include:

Studio shots

As the name suggests, the photography of products, in this case, takes place in a studio with a simple lighting set-up. This kind of photography is ideal for products in which customers need to see detailed specifications. Studio shot photography shows clear images showing buyers exactly how the product looks.

Grouping shots

These images bring together a group of products so customers can see product variations. This kind of photography presents the consumers with various options for a product to make comparisons and settle on a product.

Lifestyle shots

Commonly referred to as lifestyle action shots, this kind of photography shows how the product looks when used for the product's intended purpose. The images are presented in an in-context manner giving the user a visual representation of the product's intended use in the form of an image.

White background images

This kind of shot eliminates distractions so that the consumer can see the products isolated. An excellent example of these images is the ones found on Amazon. A white backdrop allows users to understand the product better without distractions.


Our Work

At our product photography business, our mission is to showcase your products in their best light. We are dedicated to capturing each item's essence and unique features, creating compelling visual narratives that resonate with your target audience. Through meticulous attention to detail, creativity, and technical expertise, we strive to deliver stunning, high-quality images that elevate your brand's image and drive sales. Our passion for product photography fuels our commitment to providing exceptional imaging services and building long-lasting partnerships. Trust us to transform your products into captivating visual experiences that leave a lasting impression on your customers.


Why use a professional product photographer

Having good product images can go a long way in boosting your brand and sales. Amazing product shots are the reason why you should consider hiring a professional product photographer to take photographs of your products. Here are the benefits you are going to enjoy by working with a professional product photographer.


Note that buyers use the appearance of your product images to perceive the quality of your products. The only way you can come up with quality photos is by engaging a professional. It does not matter how great your products are. If this does not manifest in the images, consumers will think that your products are of low quality. The reverse is also true. If you have high-quality photos of your products, the customers will perceive your products to have superior quality.

Increased sales

As mentioned earlier, product photography does have a significant impact on your sales. But this only happens if your product images are appealing. If you engage a professional photographer, you guarantee nothing less than superior quality, which will positively impact your sales. Outstanding and quality visuals lead to better profits.


In The same way, consistency is vital for the quality of a product; it is essential to remain consistent with the quality of the images. Consistency motivates trust in customers, and the one way you can achieve this with images is by working with a professional photographer. Consistent quality is not something amateurs will be able to give you. On the other hand, professional photographers are aware of your visual needs, and they know how to deliver excellent quality time and again. Remember that customers don't trust brands with quality images one time, then the next time, you are off the game. Find a great professional photographer, then stick to them.

Brand reputation

Brand recognition and awareness build heavily on your marketing efforts and more so visual. If you want your customers to view your brand as superior and trust it, you must deliver. That goes all the way from your service, product quality, and also your visuals. Images play a critical role in building a brand perception in consumers. With a professional photographer, you are going to achieve this through quality imagery. Amateurs certainly have no experience and may not be aware of how important images are to brand's reputation. Professionals know what to do to get your product images right.

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