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Jewellery Photography

After you have finished designing and making your beautiful pieces of fine jewellery, you will be ready to showcase them to the world. That's where our fantastic jewellery photography service comes into action. With over fifteen years as a Brisbane jewellery photographer, we know you want someone who understands how to make your items sparkle. Our fantastic jewellery photos make the pieces shine and drive your customers' desires.

Bringing the sparkle to life

The art of jewellery photography

Technical Qualities

Jewellery photography is a notoriously tricky type of photography. The gemstones are highly-reflective with many surfaces, the pieces are tiny, and coloured stones need to appear as vibrant in the final photos as they do in real life. Our knowledge of proper photography techniques lets us ensure that the metal surfaces come out looking smooth and shiny while allowing the jewels vibrantly sparkle. We pride ourselves on delivering you excellent service and sensible jewellery photography prices, so you can devote your time to making and selling your jewellery and running your business.

Professional Service

Our jewellery photographer regularly shoots and retouches all types of high-end jewellery for websites and marketing for jewellers all over Australia. Our photographer has the professionalism and skill to capture the true beauty of your most precious stones. The final image will blow up, so details invisible to the eye will show up when photographed. We wipe down your jewellery every time we touch it, so the final photos are free from fingerprints.

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Jewellery Photography Brisbane makes selling your fantastic designs online easy. Reach out and find out what we can do to do your next project smoothly.

Great photos sell

Driving your jewellery sales

Technical Qualities

We shoot various stunning high-end images used for websites, marketing and editorials, advertising, catalogues and point of sale displays. As every piece of jewellery is different, we offer a wide range of prices and image quality options from simple white background shots to very high-end. We adapt the lighting and retouching levels so that we can match your budget. We understand you don't need billboard quality images for a website listing. For website listing photography on a pure white background, we keep the fees as simplistic as possible. We charge for the pictures on a per-shot basis for these types on images, including everything: preparation, photography and retouching.

Professional Service

Our fine jewellery photography expert pays close attention to detail, stone faceting and colour correction of gemstones so that your jewellery pieces look their best. Jewellery photography is one of our strengths at Product Photography Brisbane. Without a doubt, this is the most challenging of all types of product photography, as it requires a highly disciplined and technical approach. Our photographer is an expert at creating eye-catching, professional jewellery images, using specialist, studio strobes combined with light-shaping tools to give metal surfaces clarity, while making gemstones sparkle and bring vivid life the colours. Our highly respected jewellery photographer takes as much pride in his work as you do in creating the jewellery. The ability to define every angle, highlight and craftsmanship of each piece separates us from other photographers.

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Brisbanes best jewellery photographers

We have the skills that you need when shooting and correcting high-quality rings, earrings and bracelets. Our photographer also utilizes top of the line camera hardware and studio lighting to create top-quality pictures. Whether they be bulk catalogue or website shots on white backgrounds or large banner images for your website or email marketing, we can mastermind the kinds of photos that speak to customers.

Our jewellery clients include many big-name brands, as well as smaller wholesalers and independent high-end stores. We strive to provide every jewellery customer, large or small, with an exceptionally high level of personal attention so you can feel confident of the final result and that your jewellery business is safe in our hands.

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