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We create stunning Amazon Photography for your listings.

Amazon Product Photographer

We are a amazon product photographers based in Brisbane.

Michael is a product photography expert who specialises in Amazon Product Photography Australia. To get more conversions on your Amazon listings you need stunning detailed photos of your merchandice. We show off each unique feature of your items so the customers can feel confident in buying what you sell. The overall look of your listing says a ton about what kind of business you are. High quality images show cumstomes you care about what you sell.

Having shot hundreds of images for Amazon sellers we understand how to make your product sell. We know how to set up the products so that they look great. Our great eye catching Amazon Photos will help drive conversions and increase your sales.

Get Started

To get started with our Amazon Product photographic service start by either calling us or emailing us for a quote. We quote on a job by job basis so you're only charged for what you need. Let us know what type of product you have and how many images you want. For Amazon we recommend five to ten images per listing

Send the items

Post or courier your items to us here at PPB. We are based on the Northside of Brisbane not far off the gateway or Gympie Road. You can also drop items off to us but you'll need to book in a time as we can be off on other jobs around the city, being the busy photographers that we are. When we get the items we'll start the job

Do the photography

We do all our Amazon Product Photography Australia according to the technical specification that Amazon insist on. That way all you have to do is upload the images to Amazon and you'll be selling your item quick smart. We have fast turnarounds. We'll let you know turnaround when you do the booking as it can vary according to workload..


We understand that you're in business to make money so we provide super affordable photographic services. We charge on a per image basis so you know what the exact cost will be upfront. There are no hidden fees and you get what you pay for. We're Australia's best Amazon Product Photographer Brisbane so you know we'll deliver the eye popping results you require.

Australia Wide

Our photographer does amazon product photos for companies all over Australia. We do work for people in Melbourne, Sydney, The Sunshine Coast and The Gold Coast. So don't wait get in touch and find out why our customers rave about our high quality super detailed images. They really do sell products.


Our graphic designer can also do all your infographics. The use of infographics are the most effective way to get information about your product across quickly. Infographics are very important because they grab your customers attention and convert clicks to sales. So let us do your amazon infographics at the same time as your photography.

Amazon Product Photography Brisbane

Why you need great Amazon photography.

As it is stated that a photograph is worth a thousand words, and this also holds true even when it comes to product photography. Pictures make a considerably greater influence on shoppers than even the most articulately inscribed product description. The main information captured by the brain is graphics, and everything else inclines on the wayside. Online buyers might recall small amount of the material they read anywhere, but photographs make a long-lasting impression.

Because images have such a big influence on buyers, the internet is full of awesome graphic content. This means that to stand out from the mass, you need to come up with eye-catching pictures that capture the attention of buyers. The buyer needs to involve with your product like they would in any product on the shelves.

If you are looking forward to marketing on Amazon or have now started and looking for a way to set yourself at a distance from your competitors, product photography is a great place to start.

We deliver our Amazon product photography according to amazon specifications

Amazon Product Photography Requirements

Amazon has set some technical guidelines that needs to be adhered to I order to maintain consistency across all listings.

  • Images are delivered in JPG format
  • The images are sized to maximum size allowed for the most detail.
  • Photos are colour correct do the customer know what they are getting.

Secondary images, as well as featured and lifestyle pictures, need only follow the technical requirements. Infographics and composite photographs can be used on secondary imageries to give extra info about products.

We always deliver images in square format because Amazon presents all pictures in a square form. Amazon automatically adds white lining around any extended, oblong picture to make it square. This could make the product appear reduced, making it hard for clients to have a decent view. We make sure that all the information is inside the square so that none of it gets cropped away by the amazon upload feature.

Product Photography affects customer decisions

It is important to note that product photography directly affects customer decisions. Some buyers may even consider product pictures to be more significant in the buying process than the stated product information. A perfect product photography will help enhance clicks and conversions by

  • Making a fantastic first impression - People form a first impression by looking at photos in around .6 of a second.
  • Engaging customers - A fine image will attract buyers and make them more probable to stick around on your listing. Photographs draw the buyer in and inspire them to acquire more info about your product.
  • Increasing the value of your product - unprofessional photographs can quickly make your product seem of poor quality and cheap.
  • Supporting your branding - Photographs should always be aligned to your overall branding objective. Generic pictures tell buyers nothing in relation your brand. Offering a consistent brand across all marketing fronts will reinforce your branding.

Product photography is the most important element to consider in order to have an effective Amazon listing. Buyers base most of their acquisition decisions on pictures. You still need the other elements like infographics in order to complete the sale. On Amazon, you need to strive to make everything perfect and communicate in a way the customer can understand easily in order to complete the sale.