Answers to your important questions

Frequently asked questions

Q: What formats do you provide the photos in?

We can provide the final images in any format you require but our standard delivery sizes are JPG 1280 x 1280, JPG 1500 x 1500, JPG Full Size, PNG Full Size. We also provide images optimised for Shopify and Amzon as standard. This covers most uses.

Q: How are the final images delivered?

We deliver all image by dropbox as standard, if you're unable to receive images by dropbox then we can use dropsend. We can deliver images on a USB if required at extra cost.

Q: Can I have the original RAW photo files?

If you want the original RAW images we can deliver them if we shoot the image in RAW. Often we shoot focus stacked images for maximum detail and images that are in focus from front to back, in this case we won't be able to deliver RAW files as the output is JPG.

Q: Can you match a cheaper price I was quoted elsewhere?

We don't match prices. Quite franky, anyone quoting prices less than our will be loosing money on the job. Our prices are the lowest we can do the job for.

Q: Why are some items more expensive to photograph than others?

Our price structure is based on time. Some item are easier to photograph than others. There is also the post processing time. Simply complex job cost more because they take longer.

Q: How does your price structure work?

We charge on a per completed image basis. We know how long it's going to take to produce the finished image and charge according to time. This also means you have a concrete price for the completed work.

Q: What is the typical turnaround time?

Turnaround for most jobs is two business days for booked in jobs. Urgent jobs can usually be accomodated depend on workload.

Q: How can I deliver my items to be photographed to you?

Most clients either courier items to us or drop them off. If you need to drop the products off, just arrange a time as we do location photography for some clients.

Q: Are you able to do on-site photography?

Most of the time we can do location photography. This is good for really large items, large quantities of items or items that are very expensive. We do on-site work for high end jewellery.

Q. How many photos do you take?

We usually only take one photograph. This is where over a decade of experience comes in. We know exactly how to get the perfect image.

Q. Who owns the copyright to the photographs?

I own the copyright as I'm the content creator. You get full usage rights assigned to you on payment of the invoice. You can use the images for any purpose you see fit. There are no on-going hidden rip off extra costs.

Q. Do you provide props for the photography?

Sometimes, we have a limited number of props. Most clients provide any props so they get exactly to look to the photos that they are after.

Q. What happens if I'm not pleased with the delievered images?

We can reshoot any images you're not happy with. This has never happened. Everyone is always happy with our images.

Q. I need other photos of my business and staff can you help with this?

Yeas, we can shoot a wide variety of images. Product photography is one of the hardest types of photography due to it's highly technical nature. Building and people are much easier to photograph.


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