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Product Photography Pricing

We love to look after our customers and provide the cheapest product photography prices we can for any given job. Due to the different requirements, the cost of producing outstanding images varies according to the time required to complete the job. We need to take into account how technical the photography is, the number of items, how much post-production will be required as well as the final resolution. Every item is different, and there's no way to have a standardised pricing structure. We also want to give you the absolute cheapest price we can. We don't want to charge you more than we need to. We pride ourselves on delivering the best photographic services and the lowest prices. Some people believe that photographing products is an easy and painless procedure. However, they don't realise that even seemingly straightforward photography necessitates a significant amount of effort and time.

Of course, stunning photos are a vital key to driving sales for your business. In the modern digital world, it is more important than ever for companies to get what they sell to stand out to consumers. Superbly detailed, creative photos are essential to involve customers in your brand. Photography helps to get an emotional response from the viewer, aiding in getting them to make the purchase. Our experience in high-end photography lets us deliver your next photography job on time and under budget.

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What does great product photography cost

Some people believe that photographing products is an easy and painless procedure. However, they don't realise that even seemingly straightforward photography necessitates a significant amount of effort and time. There are numerous ways to photograph items, each with its own set of costs. Since each project has its own set of specifications, photography services cannot be efficiently priced as a single product with a set price. Here are some of the price factors to consider when determining the cost of product photography to help you make an informed decision:

The Setup

The set is another aspect that affects the budget of the shoot. Some may only need a simple backdrop, while others may need props and even unique surfaces to view items. Since I can use the same setup for any item I take, shooting things against a white background (also known as catalogue photography or pack shots) is relatively simple. Catalogue shots are inexpensive, with the final images used for various channels, including print ads and websites. As a result, any company should have a series of product catalogue shots. Neutral backgrounds, on the other hand, can be tedious. Adding engaging visual elements to your product can be appropriate if you want it to look more attractive. As well as props, bright lighting and various backgrounds make the product stand out from the competition. It takes more time, thinking, resources, and effort, but the result is more visually appealing.

Product Type

When pricing photographing a product, the size of the product itself must always be taken into account. While some items can be photographed on a tabletop, others can necessitate the use of an entire studio. The larger the item to be photographed, the longer it takes to complete. Furthermore, the product's surfaces, mostly if it's made of metal or has a similarly reflective surface, can make shooting more difficult. Lighting is much more complex and time-consuming when photographing shiny objects. Unnecessary reflections would need to be taken care of in photoshop. Time is money, as it always is.

Post Processing

Every product picture must go through post-production to maintain the same level of quality. However, while some images may only require dust removal and minor tonal changes, others, significantly if they are damaged, may require extensive retouching. If the images are for online use, only minor retouching is usually needed. If the final use is for advertising, they'll need heavy editing to look flawless, whether they're on small print ads or large billboards. Effects may be applied to the images in addition to retouching to make them more engaging.

Final thoughts

Product photography is a critical part of the success of any company. And now that you know more about the different factors that influence the cost of a photoshoot, you'll be able to make more informed decisions when speaking with and selecting your photographer. Get you business in front of customers with our amazing images.