Ghost Mannequins

Ghost Mannequin Photography

We create stunning ghost mannequin photos

Michael is a product photographer who is an expert in the art of ghost mannequins. Ghost mannequins photography is a type of photography where the fit of a garment gets shown. The ghost mannequin effect is achieved by photographing the garment on a mannequin and removing the mannequin in photoshop. For where the mannequin obscures the back part of the garment, extra photos get taken. These are clipped and added to the picture to create the final image.

When photographed like this, the resulting images are a particularly fantastic way to show the clothing on website and other marketing material. Customers get to see a three-dimensional view of what the garment will look like being worn but without the distraction of models. Invisible mannequins provide a flawless look that works great in e-commerce websites like Shopify and other platforms.

Sales focused image creation

Drive your websites sales

In the detail

Ghost mannequin photography is the most effective way to show off clothing and all of the essential details. Its the best way to show customers how the clothing will fit, check out the finer details, and look at the quality of fabric inside the garment. Because there's no model, the customer's focus stays on the clothing you are selling.

Consistent quality

Being experts in ghost mannequin photographs, we can deliver the high volume results that you need at an affordable price. Our ghost mannequin fashion photographer can shoot entire clothing ranges for a consistent look in style and composition. We can produce a consistent result, so when you have new items, they look exactly the same as the last time.

Australia wide

Our photographer can do ghost mannequins for businesses all over Australia, from Sydney, Melbourne, The Gold Coast and The Sunshine Coast. So it doesn't matter whether you're from Wagga Wagga, Cape York or Tasmania we can help you out the next time you need clothing images made. Give us a call or email, and we'll give you a quote.


Michael is a Brisbane based photographer specialising in all types of product photography for web stores, and other marketing uses. Michael is an expert in many kinds of commercial photography, Ghost Mannequins, clothing photos, flat lay photographs / Flat Lay, and other products large and small, from military equipment to diamond jewellery.