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Flawless cosmetic and skincare product photography make your brand stand out. We have the cosmetics photography ideas that look awesome.

We produce compelling cosmetic photography for many brands all around Australia. Our highly experienced photographer understands how to run a successful cosmetic and makeup photography shoot, and make the kind of images that sell straight off the page. We offer high-quality photography that best displays your cosmetic and beauty products. You can get us to do on-white or stunning creatively styled images, so your brand has its digital persona and connects with your customer base.

Our make up photography is done exclusively at our studio. Unfortunately, we don't offer cosmetics location photography because of the large amount of technical lighting involved in creating the images. We have the props needed to make your products stand out in the crowded cosmetic industry space.

All images supplied in high-resolution for large-sized print media, brochures and catalogues. We also provide low-resolution for quick loading on your websites, social media, e-commerce stores or email newsletters.

Beauty coming to life

Cosmetic photography secrets to success

Cosmetics photography process

Cosmetics, makeup, and skincare products require a different set of skills, expertise, and studio set up to enlighten the product's key features. We understand that every product type has a unique style, parts and packaging. Our primary focus when doing cosmetics, beauty and skincare product photography is to highlight its unique individuality. We always take time to understand your product and brand to produce priceless and unbeatable images for you that click with your customers. We continuously achieve the eye-catching, professional imagery that your cosmetics deserve. Our photography services always match your make up products needs. Cosmetics and skincare products require final photographs to be clean, crisp and grab your customers' attention. We produce stunning cosmetic and skincare images that are truly magnificent.

The importance of lighting

Lighting is an integral part of the cosmetic image creation process when photographing cosmetics, makeup and skincare products. Lighting helps emphasize the product's key elements and highlight its unique features. Skincare products require extra attention to packaging and product appearance. A critical aspect of lighting is to make the items stand out and grab your customers attention. We create perfect photos by utilizing various advanced lighting techniques. High-powered artificial light sources let us create either a soft and gentle touch to the image or something bright and punchy. For cosmetics, makeup and skincare products, particularly with lots of tiny details or a high-gloss finish, we manipulate light sources to control the final image's look. By utilizing high-end sophisticated lighting setups combined with years of experience and expertise, we produce clean, detailed and captivating photos that your customers will adore. Furthermore, by applying the correct light source such as strobes, projectors and other lighting equipment, we gain ultimate control over shadows, reflections, and the final images look.

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We put the same amount of energy and love into your cosmetics photography as you do into your product and packaging. We take care of every little minute detail turning your cosmetics into beautiful images to sell your brand.

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Creativity is king

Cosmetic and makeup photography is an art form itself. We use various backdrops to create excitement in the same way as top cosmetic brands use to succeed. A wave of liquid foundation, a splash of toner, or a puddle of glossy nail varnish: all of these props don't just look good to create a story in the customer's mind. They also show off the colours creating a vibrant picture that will help sell your product. What we do is show the product's best features, the dynamic colour range, its long-lasting effect, or its shiny sparkle. We highlight the elements using a variety of photographic techniques.

Customers are dependent on the images you display to learn about your products. Don't be too restricted in the types of cosmetic still life photography you choose. We are experts at showing how your products work with makeup coated brushes or a spray pump misting shows your product in action, helping to gain sales. It can be useful for customers to see all the various colour options in one photograph. When showing customers how their new makeup arrives, let them see the luxurious packaging in the images.

Cosmetic positioning and angle

Accurate positioning of the items and selecting the correct angle play an essential role in the final image. When you are selling your product, the presentation is easily as important as the actual product itself. Choosing the right angle when setting up the products will enhance cosmetics appearance and show off the main products features.

There are few central angles to choose from when photographing cosmetics, makeup and skincare products. Front on is the most popular angle when photographing cosmetics, makeup and skincare bottles and packaging.

When you need to showcase a feature on the product top labelling, the top angle is selected. Such an angle allows us to see the top of the product and the front to capture the product top where the brand name is visible.

In addition to photographing products, we shoot images with cosmetic packaging shown in the final image. When allowing the product and packaging to be part of the same photo, the customer sees it appears on retail shelves.

Selecting flat lay or the top angle is excellent to showcase products such as smears of cosmetics and makeup. When it comes to photographing cream, the container's lid is often taken off and positioned next to the tub. Such representation features product packaging and its content, brand name, and labelling. We ensure that we photograph every item at the best angle that best highlights the individual product features.

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And, of course, we do cosmetic pack shots.

These cosmetic and skincare product photography shots are simple shots for websites. These let the customer quickly see the item when listed on websites. These are shot on pure white backgrounds typically, and they can be used across almost all retailers sites, making it easy for you retailers to add your items to their websites.

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Australia's best cosmetics product photography

Follow the crowd and get your cosmetic product photography done with us. We can create all the images you need for successful campaigns driven by originality. Every day we are all swamped with new pictures by their thousands. We can make your photos stand out, and here's the good news: makeup product photography has an incredible scope for creativity and inventiveness. So if you want something fun, ask our cosmetic photographer for something that we haven't done before, and we will create you a unique look, use a different backdrop, make something truly eye-catching.

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