Commercial Photographer Brisbane

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Founded in 2005, PPB have b een helping businesses with their photography needs. We make your business run smoothly by taking care of all your photographic requirements.


Commercial photography expert

Customer focused

Connecting with customers in a crowded marketplace is more complicated than ever. Fantastic arresting visual imagery helps to promote your company and the things it sells. Michael works with his clients to analyse their needs. He then can create powerful images for his customers, allowing their products to stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Highly experienced

Michael has almost two decades as a professional photographer and digital imaging specialist. He completes the commercial photography and does the retouching and deep etching of all his images. Knowing the process allows him to work from start to finish when creating the final product photos. He delivers to clients images that are ready to use. Graphic designers love getting photos that are colour correct and already deep etched; it makes their jobs super easy. Michael is an expert in Adobe Photoshop, the industry standard for high-end image manipulation. His clients us the final images on billboards, marketing material, and large scale national advertising campaigns, both on the web and in print.