Watch Photographer

Watches require an incredible attention to detail when photographing.

Photographing watches is one of our many specialities. Watches require an incredible attention to detail when photographing. They are all unique in design and there's many technical elements that make the job quite tricky. The first hurdle is the size. Watches are very small, not Jewellery tiny but smal none the less. When photographing small items multiple shots are required at different focusing lengths. The initial images are then combined together using focus stacking software. This allows for the creation of images that have superb sharpness from the front of the watch to the back.

The Second thing that makes shooting watches challenging is that they often have a highly polished reflective surfaces. When doing watch photography we are very careful to control all the reflections so that the surrounding room isn't reflected in the metal. Due to the curved surfaces of watches this usually involves building a small photography set around the watch itself.

Quality lighting is the final element to creating suberb watch photos. The lighting has to be done in a way to highlight the curves as well as the fine details of the watch face. Strip lights and softboxes are the answer to getting the lighting right.

When all the elements come together the end image come out looking stunning. The final photos have many uses from website to print advertising and of course for all your social media marketing. So no matter where you are, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane The Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast, why not email or call us for a quote for your next watch photography job.

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