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We create flawless wine bottle photography.

Wine bottles are some of the most challenging items to photograph for visual content creators. They are susceptible to picking up unwanted highlights, surface markings, and environmental reflections due to their reflective nature and sometimes transparent contents.

We have incorporated a few basic techniques into your workflow, so you get a polished finish on your bottle. We know how to get better results from your next wine photoshoot by using our experience as professional photographers.

We'll deliver some creative ideas for styling your next wine photoshoot that your wine customers will love.

Luxury come to life

We have the secret to perfect wine product photography.

Prepare the bottle for photography

We prefer bottles with the back label removed for ideal results if possible. Any other unnecessary wine labels also need to be removed from the bottle for a clean image. Simply not having the back stickers has already made a significant difference. But if all you have is fully labelled bottles, we can work with that.
We wipe the bottle down with a microfibre cloth to make sure it's super clean and to get a clean, crisp picture right out of the camera. Nobody wants to look at fingerprints and dust specks all over your wine bottles.

Optimise the lighting

We shoot the bottles in a controlled environment where there are no other lights because they can cast light on the wine bottle. Any stray lights that we need are deleted afterwards in Adobe Photoshop, but reducing them first will make it easier to edit later.
We use a diffuser or softbox to make the highlight edge on the bottle clean and consistent. We control the highlight by careful placement of the softboxes, so they create perfect verticle highlights.

Perfecting the reflections

It makes a significant difference to the final wine bottle photography to get the bottle's edge illuminated continuously from top to bottom. It also removes the bottle's harsh shadows. Depending on which type of wine and bottle style, we may also deploy backlighting to bring out the colour of the wine.

The perfect camera angle

Usually, we shoot from a slightly lower than centre angle and tilt the camera slightly upwards. Pointing the lens upwards at the wine bottle creates a more upward angle shot, and the resulting wine photography looks like a more powerful photo by making the wine bottle appear taller and more heroic.

wine product photography

To picture your wine bottle, hire a professional photographer. Superior quality wine photography, like a beautiful glass of wine, will always last.

Great images sell

Driving your wine sales

Wine is emotional

The question of photographs always comes up during the onboarding process for a new customer. Photography is crucial in bringing your wine from the winery to the hands of your customers. The more a potential consumer can picture themselves drinking your wine, the more inclined they are to purchase it from your website. People will connect emotionally to a snapshot of a group of people having fun while sharing a drink of your wine, but not to a glass bottle. It is your responsibility as a winery employee to sell the wine. It's our responsibility to assist you in marketing it.

Wine in the enviroment

Shots of Wine Being Enjoyed in a Home Environment: While not everyone will be able to visit your winery, they will all be able to experience it from the comfort of their own homes. While this may seem self-evident to you, it isn't often the first thing that comes to mind, especially if you don't have any lifestyle photographs of someone in their house. Use a guest house on your property or ask your photographer for studio recommendations that are similar to a home. These are the types of images that sell well, so spending the time to establish the situation and capture them is worthwhile.

wine photography ideas

And, of course, we do wine bottle ecommerce shots.

These wine bottle photography shots are plain white shots for websites. These let the consumer quickly see the wine when listed on company websites. We usually shoot these with reflections, and they can provided to retailers, making it easy for your customers to add your your wines to their websites.

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Australia's best wine bottle product photography

We are well-versed in the latest digital photographic technology. We like an image that appears natural without the excessive use of PhotoShop in post-production. On the other hand, Photoshop is a technique that can be used to enhance a shot without being invasive.

When it crosses this line, it ceases to help and becomes an impediment. Colour can be increased or changed to the point of appearing false. A superb photograph captures your attention and makes you believe in it.

As a photographer, I've seen thousands of wine photographs and learned a lot from other talented photographers. But the ability to catch a specific 1/100th of a second in time is what distinguishes a fantastic photo from a good one.

Humans are visual creatures by nature. Images can aid in the facilitation and enhancement of client perceptions of your brand. Your winery's photography and bottle shots act as advocates for your brand. They are valuable assets for your website and the online store, and all of your marketing platforms.

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